EasycoveTM base moldings, are pre-formed with a patented watertight design, specifically geared for the floor and wall coatings industry.

EasyCove is a highly engineered cove base, it is easily coated and provides numerous benefits over traditional hand troweled and existing modlings currently available.

EasycoveTM is a patented design with DovelockTM technology. It protects against moisture intrusion to dry wall, CMU, and other porous surfaces where associated hazards such as mold and mildew can occur.

EasycoveTM is manufactured to have an expansion coefficient, similar to epoxy. This feature helps to eliminate cracking and separation between dissimilar materials under thermal cycling conditions.

EasycoveTM is allows for greater installation convenience, as it can be mitered to accommodate inside or outside angles without the need for pre-formed corners. Pre-formed inside and outside corners are available for 4” and 6” Easycove.

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