Feb 28 – Mar 2

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515 The Show

Is an immersive 4-day event where attendees can explore and discover exclusive design techniques, innovative applications of decorative concrete and technology, and best practices for project timelines. Taking place in Des Moines, Iowa, this year’s event will showcase ten distinct finishes.

4-Day Event |  $2,000* | 40 Spots Available

* Price is for first person, additional attendees from the same company receive a discount. Includes Breakfast and lunch each day, event swag, and discounted pricing on product purchasing.

10 Unique Training Stations

515 The Show 2024 | Blue Zoo hosted by 515 Decorative Concrete Supply

Application | Custom Floor Design

Focus | Dye/Stains, Stencils & Freehand Grinding

Trainers | Rachel Knigge-Bruce & Rebecca Fuscardo


Application | 3D Countertop

Focus | Transitional epoxy + sand cast countertop with logo overlay and visual tech

Trainer | Nic Lang


Application | Vertical Rock Walls for Saltwater Touch Tank

Focus | Pump demo with Hy-flex & coloring

Trainer | Joshua Russell


Application | Epoxy Waterfall for Freshwater Touch Tank

Focus | Epoxy & Colorants

Trainer | Nic Lang


Application | Tree & Root Application for Reptile Area

Focus | Epoxy Puddy, Poly Gem, Vertical Concrete & Coloring

Trainer | Joshua Russell


Application | Tree & Roots for Reptile Area

Focus | Epoxy Puddy, Poly Gem, and Vertical Carving

Trainer | Joshua Russell


Application | Concrete Countertop & Visual Technology for Tiki Area

Focus | Concrete Casting, Coloring, Sealing

Trainers | Nic Lang & Kevin VanElsen


Application | Animal-Themed Floor

Focus | Floor Map stencil, Color, High-Performance  Finish

Trainers | Rebecca Fuscardo & Crystal Polszay


Application | Wood Plank Flooring

Focus | Concrete Overlay, Wood-Grain Textures, Custom Coloring

Trainer | Shawn Dennison


Application | Decorative Sea Animal

Focus | Concrete Overlay & Custom Coloring

Trainer | Crystal Polszay

Meet The Trainers

Joshua Russell

Joshua Russell, owner of Beyond Vertical Concrete, began his journey specializing in decorative stamped concrete. Over a decade ago, he expanded his expertise to vertical carving, leading him to travel the world and create unique carved environments. Josh’s exceptional skills and innovative spirit are evident in his work, establishing him as a formidable presence in the realm of concrete artistry.

Rachel Knigge-Bruce

Rachel Knigge-Bruce is a highly influential figure in the concrete industry and the esteemed owner/creative director of Floormaps, Inc. Her passion for the art of stenciling has not only fostered creativity but also served as a profound source of inspiration for countless individuals. With an impressive 18-year tenure in the industry, she has had the incredible opportunity to showcase her exceptional work on renowned projects for Target, Google, Microsoft, Marvel Comics, and many others.

Nic Lang

Nic Lang brings over 17 years of expertise in the fabrication industry, where his unique blend of creativity and out-of-the-box thinking shines through in every project he undertakes. From instructing small classes to managing large-scale international corporate installations, Nic thrives on assisting contractors in seamlessly incorporating decorative concrete coatings with cutting-edge technology. His passion lies in helping them harmoniously unite functionality, mechanics, and design.

Crystal Polszay

Crystal Ploszay is a highly respected and talented expert in the field of concrete coatings. Known for her captivating aquatic scenes, inspired by her affinity for nature and diving, Crystal has gained recognition as a top flooring artist. She showcases her remarkable work at renowned nationwide shows and mastermind classes. With an extensive portfolio of successful projects across various locations, Crystal is acclaimed for her commitment to sustainable practices. Moreover, she generously shares her unparalleled design talents with the concrete community.

Rebecca Fuscardo

 Rebecca Fuscardo, a graduate of the Pittsburgh Art Institute, is the Owner/Operator of Fuscardo Concrete/The Artworks LLC. With over 25+ years of experience in the concrete industry, she has nurtured her passion and artistic eye to perfect her craft. This allowed her to acquire her union journeyman card Her expertise has allowed her to work on projects in the US, Canada, and Qatar in the Middle East.

Shawn Dennison

Shawn Dennison, with over 20 years of experience in the decorative concrete industry, demonstrates his passion through his creative pieces and commitment to educating contractors. While he offers six distinct concrete overlays, he has gained recognition as a leading expert in wood-look concrete. As of 2023, Shawn has transitioned his focus to on-site consulting and full-time training, further solidifying his expertise in the field.

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for a comprehensive training and continuing education experience? Don’t search any further, as 515 the Show provides an unmatched opportunity to enhance your skills. Curious about attending? Seek no more, for all your inquiries will be answered right here.

What does the admission cost cover?

Each paid attendee will have the opportunity to experience the engaging 4-day event, complete with delicious breakfast and lunch. Additionally, participants will be delighted with swag and an impressive tool gift bag courtesy of Bon Tools. As an added thrill, there are (9) raffle prizes up for grabs. Reserve your spot now for a chance to claim one of these extraordinary prizes!

Does admission cover accommodations & transportation?

Admission to 515 the Show does not include accommodations or transportation. The designated hotel for the event is the Residence Inn Des Moines West @ Jordan Creek Town Center. Participants are responsible for arranging their own transportation as they will drive themselves to the project site.

With so many stations, will we be able to interact with each?

We are making arrangements for groups to rotate through every area. With 10 stations and a maximum of 40 participants, the small groups will have the opportunity to connect with each trainer on an individual level, gaining valuable insight into the techniques and systems employed, while also enjoying hands-on experiences.

Will there be hands-on applicaitons?

Besides having the opportunity to interact with each station, attendees will also get a chance to create a minimum of three sample boards at 515 The Show. These hands-on applications allow you to apply the knowledge acquired during the session, providing you with a practical experience to take back home and implement in your projects.

Will we be able to make samples of the techniques shown?

Yes! Most of the stations will have hands-on where you will be able to take home what you make or we can ship your piece back.

What is the start/stop time for each day?

Each day will begin at 8:00 am and will continue till 6:00 pm. Breakfast and lunch will be provided.

Will We get to visit 515 Decorative Concrete Supply?
Yes, you will have the opportunity to explore 515 Decorative Concrete Supply during our dinner event. Join us at our building to get a firsthand look at our showroom, training facility, repair shop, and more.

515 The Show | 2024

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515 The Show 2024 Accommodations


Hotel | Residence Inn Des Moines West @ Jordan Creek Town Center

Address | 160 South Jordan Creek Parkway West Des Moines, Iowa 50266

Rate | $139 night

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