8 Key Factors That Will Ensure a Successful Coating System Installation

It’s probably a safe bet to say that we want to be the best installer we can be. In fact, most of us strive to be considered a master of our craft. This takes a great deal of time, effort, and learning from our mistakes. All of this knowledge leads us to appreciate how crucial surface evaluation and preparation is. 

It is critical for every epoxy flooring application. Here are 8 Key Factors that will ensure a successful coating system installation:

Assess the surface condition

The concrete surface should be clean, sound, and free of cracks or damage. If the surface has a weak or powdery layer, it may require additional preparation or repair.

Determine moisture levels:

Test the moisture content of the concrete. If it is too high, it can cause problems with the coating’s adhesion and integrity. Check out the article Top Techniques For Determining Moisture Levels

Check for existing coatings or sealers

Determine if there is any existing coating or sealer on the concrete floor. If there is, it may need to be removed before a new coating is applied.

Evaluate the concrete’s profile to determine surface prep needs: The concrete has to be profiled for the coating to adhere. proper profile, which is the roughness or texture of the surface. This is important for the coating to bond effectively.

Identify any chemicals or contaminants

Determine if there are any chemicals or contaminants present on the concrete surface that may affect the coating’s performance. Examples include oils, grease, or chemicals that have penetrated the concrete.

Consider the coating system

Determine the type of coating system that will be used and ensure that it is appropriate for the specific concrete floor’s conditions and intended use. This includes identifying the required thickness. This should be determined based on the floor’s traffic, intended use, and desired durability. Typical coatings include epoxy, polyurethane, and polyaspartics.

Perform adhesion testing

Conduct adhesion testing to determine if the coating will adhere properly to the concrete surface. This is critical for ensuring the long-term durability of the coating system.

Determine the curing time

The curing time of the coating system should be considered to ensure it will meet the expectations of the clients for return to service.

Consider environmental conditions

Evaluate the temperature, humidity, and ventilation conditions in the application area. These conditions can affect the coating’s adhesion and cure time, and impact the employees working in adjacent areas.

Why these 8 Key Factors are Essential

In conclusion, the successful installation of a coating system requires careful consideration of several key factors. From surface evaluation and preparation to the selection of the appropriate coating material, application method, and environmental conditions, each step plays a critical role in ensuring the durability and performance of the floor.

By following the 8 key factors discussed in this article, you can achieve a successful coating installation that provides long-lasting protection and a high-quality finish for your surfaces. Remember, proper planning, preparation, and execution are essential to achieving the desired outcome in any coating project.

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