Collomix Low Viscosity Paddle DLX


  • Leveling Compound
  • Slurry
  • Bitumen-Free Sealing
  • Cementi­tious Grout

The Collomix Low Viscosity Paddle DLX was specially developed for the optimum preparation of thin-bed mortar for the cementing of concrete precision blocks. High shear forces for fast and consistent spreading of ingredients for best flow characteristics. The two turbine blades, fitted one above the other, provide a strong flow of material to prevent the formation of lumps. DLX 120 HF for 3.9-8.0 gals or DLX 152 HF for 8.0-13.2 gals.

Additional information

Mixing Size

3.9-8.0 gals, 8.0-13.2 gals




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