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Dust Extractor Rental is an exceptional HEPA Dust Extractor that efficiently removes bulk dry dust, debris, and other building materials commonly found on Construction, Abatement, and Restoration job sites. With its ability to exhaust perfectly clean air, this powerful equipment ensures a fast recovery process, setting the standard for cleanliness and effectiveness in the industry.


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As a business owner, it is important for you to protect your workers from this major occupational health hazard and begin establishing legal groundwork that will prevent future lawsuits.

The first step is to stop your employees from using shop-style vacuums purchased from local home improvement stores and begin using professional HEPA Dust Extractors manufactured by Ermator. Unlike low-cost homeowner vacuums, Ermator HEPA Dust Extractors are equipped with tested and certified HEPA filters that trap the smallest, most dangerous-to-breath dust particles and prevent them from being released into the air. A HEPA Dust Extractor not only exhausts perfectly clean air, but it is far more efficient for the fast recovery of bulk dry dust, debris, and other building materials found on every Construction, Abatement, and Restoration job site. They can also be connected to electrical power tools to extract the freshly cut and friable concrete dust, considered to be the most hazardous to construction workers.

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