ElastoShield™ by SureCrete is a ready-to-use concrete waterproofing and cracks prevention elastomeric liquid membrane that provides waterproofing for all SureCrete coatings systems.

SureCrete’s concrete waterproofing liquid needs no catalyst or solvents are part of this waterborne system. No special safety equipment or respirators are required (unless sprayed). The lack of an enzyme eliminates pot-life problems. The single component formulation could be used by brush, roller, or airless sprayer to many construction substrates.

Although specifically created for SureCrete coatings, Elasto‐Shield™ is also ideally suited for use with ceramic tile, stone, and EFIS applications. It forms a continuous waterproofing barrier with outstanding adhesion and reduces crack transmission in floors.

Product Data Sheet [English] – Click Here

Safety Dat Sheet  –Click Here


Typical ElastoShield Waterproofing Applications

  • Solid Poured Concrete
  • Concrete, Cinder Blocks
  • Polystyrene (including ICF)
  • Plywood, OSB
  • Cement Backer Boards
  • Construction Concrete Dampproofing
  • Foundations Protection
  • Structures Waterproofing Product
  • Foundation Walls Coating
  • Parking Garages
  • Pool Decks
  • Older Interior Concrete Floors
  • Exterior Building Walls
  • Commercial Floors
  • Concrete Water Protection
  • Concrete Foundation Seal
  • Proofing Damp Concrete
  • Damp Concrete Preparation


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