Hydro-Wic is a two Component Novel Siloxane (VOC COMPLIANT)

Hydro-Wic is an engineered siloxane. It has unique vapor permeability yet is waterproof. The coating has excellent resistance to chemicals, abrasion, and UV light. HydroWic is a high solid, low VOC coating. It can be used as a replacement for most other sealers. It may also be used as a primer for many other coatings. Because HydroWic has excellent vapor permeability, it can be applied to damp surfaces such as newly set concrete. It almost eliminates surface evaporation during concrete curing. This leads to a reduction in cracking and increased strengths of cured products. It has excellent properties that give increased color enhancement to both wood and cementitious materials. HydroWic can be applied to both porous and nonporous surfaces. HydroWic can be tinted to create staining effects or solid color.

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