SlurrySep LPH3


SlurrySep LPH3 eliminates the need for handling and storing liquid chemicals used in traditional waste water treatment systems.

Reactive separating agent composed of minerals, pH adjusting components, and proprietary ingredients. A specially blended high efficiency granular formula designed to remove heavy metals, inks, paints and high levels of suspended solids from waste-waters generated from concrete-related applications.

SlurrySep Product Attributes

  • Non-reactive, non-hazardous (as opposed to liquid caustic and acidic coagulants).
  • Packaged in 50# bags or bulk super sacks for easy storage and movement.
  • Easier containment /clean-up in case of spill.
  • Semi-granular and granular blends minimize exposure to fine dust.
  • Can be easily introduced to a waste stream with an auger type dry feeder.


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