Endurable Vertical Stripper

Endurable Vertical Stripper is an amazing non-hazardous stripper for coatings, sealers, paints, varnishes on vertical surfaces. This product is safe to use, has very low odor, is cost-effective, and will handle almost any finish. It is perfect to use on concrete, wood, and most other substrates.

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Endurable Vertical Stripper Attributes:

  • Product contains no toxic solvents
  • Product contains no caustics
  • Works on almost any sealer, coating, varnish, or paint
  • Long-lasting as evaporation rate is much slower than typical solvent-based strippers, allowing product to remove several layers of coatings without losing strength
  • Easy to apply by roller or mop
  • It will not burn skin
  • Mild odor allows for indoor applications
  • Clean-up is easy
  • Works over most substrates (not recommended over resilient surfaces such as vinyl, vct, or rubber)
  • Good coverage rates make product very cost-effective
  • Gel form allows adherence to vertical surfaces

Product Data Sheet [English] – Click Here

Safety Data Sheet – Click Here

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