Surecrete ColorTec 600WB

SureCrete’s ColorTec 600WB™ is a water-based colored concrete floor epoxy. ColorTec 600WB is apart of SureCrete’s On-Demand tinting system, meaning it can become over 100 colors and made same day!

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Surecrete ColorTec 600WB Water-Based Colored Concrete Epoxy for floors is a 2 component 52% solids, low VOC floor coating system that is used in a wide variety of applications: durable colored layer for both new and old interior concrete floors, primer coat, and binder for Dura-Kote Flakes and Metallics.

The high loading of SureCrete pigments achieves the preferred substrate hide and tint uniformity in 100’s of colors. ColorTec 600WB generates the premier balance of strength, flexibility, and chemical resistance, all in a low odor, low VOC formulation. Unlike nearly all epoxies, Dura-Kote Colored Water Based Concrete Epoxy for Floors has remarkable properties related to moisture:

  • Withstands high vapor transmission rate, up to 13 pounds per 1,000 ft² (5.4 kg per 100m²) in 24 hours.
  • Provides a non-permeable vapor barrier, even in basements.
  • Applies on fresh concrete as soon as three days after pouring and placing concrete.

Applications range from manufacturing facilities, warehouses, bars, clubs, retail stores, automotive showrooms, hospitals, medical centers, residential interiors, garage floors, gyms, locker rooms, stadiums, or anywhere that an exceedingly resilient floor is desired.

Product Data Sheet [English] – Click Here

Safety Data Sheet [Part A – White Base]  –Click Here

Safety Data Sheet [Part A – Deep Base]  –Click Here

Safety Data Sheet [Part B]  –Click Here

ON Demand Color Chart  –Click Here

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