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SureCrete’s Flash Patch is a just add water, hydraulic cement that cures rapidly. Designed to patch interior and exterior concrete that is spalled, pitted, or fractured. Flash patch can be applied at 1-inch to feather.

Flash Patch™ is a single component, high compressive strength, self-bonding, cement-based patching compound that sets up rapidly (10 min. work time). Due to its relatively fine aggregate formulation, it may be feathered to nearly zero. Flash Patch may be overlaid or put in service the same day the patch is applied. Flash Patch offers superior bonding power without additional bonding agents, such as polymer concentrate. Flash Patch is designed for both commercial and residential use. See Product Data Sheet for mixing and application instructions -Flash Patch PDS

Before using, read the Safety Data Sheet - Flash Patch SDS

Specifications & Properties

Coverage: 50 lbs. = 0.45 cubic feet, or 12 square feet at 1/2 inch depth

Pot Life: Five to Ten minutes once mixed with water

Shelf Life: One (1) Year VOC Rating: 0 g/L

Compressive Strength: 3-hour = 3,090 PSI | 24-hour = 4,850 PSI | 28-days = 6,042 PSI

Set Time: @ 77 degrees: Initial Set = 15-25 minutes; Final Set = 30-45 minutes

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