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Lavina L13GE Rental is an Elite One Head 13.2″(335mm) Universal/Corner Grinding and Polishing Machine with a Kawasaki FJ180 179cc propane engine. Enjoy features such as:

  • New adjustable handlebar with multiple handle positions for more convenient operation and transportation.
  • Tilt adjustment to dial in perfect head pitch;
  • The grinding head is 4” High to fit under shelves;
  • Multi-point leveling system;
  • Improved tilting of the head to 45 degrees;
  • New adjustable handlebar;
  • New splash shield;
  • Rollers to prevent wall damage

Rental Price is a Daily Rate

NEW Heads Locking Mechanism

We have updated the locking mechanism on the grinding heads for a more secure tool attachment. Elite machines are designed for use with Quick Change style tools only, metal and resin, and are not compatible with velcro-backed tools and the old generation foam plates.

EPA & CARB Blue Sky EngineS WITH Intelligent fuel control systems on all propane models

Our unique digital fuel control system, Lavina Fuel Minder, is highly responsive to changes in engine load, providing optimum air-to-fuel ratio regardless of operating conditions. Featuring an LCD screen with a user interface, service reminders, emissions warnings, a battery voltmeter, and more. Our engine kits are beating the EPA emissions standard by 40% and the CARB standard by 50%, thus, earning Blue Sky recognition.

Dust Suppression Fine Misting System with high-pressure spray nozzles

Small water droplets effectively suppress and remove breathable fugitive dust particles from 0.1 to 1000 microns. In addition, water can be delivered under the machine at the same time for optimal tool performance. Upgraded water pump.

Easy-to-use integrated weights

With the weights down, you increase the grinding head pressure, and you can grind more aggressively. Make sure weights are always locked in the upward position.

Convenient Intergated Lift Points

The new lift points design facilitates moving the L13GE Rental with a forklift.

Two LED lights for monitoring the floor

A detachable LED light (with a magnet) on the base in the front improves visibility, and a second LED light attached in the back of the machine near the floor helps monitor the scratch pattern.

New Adjustable HandleBar

Multiple handle positions for more convenient operation and transportation. Make sure the handle position is locked when moving or using the machine.


Lavina L13GE Manualclick here

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