Revival by DecoCrete is an opaque, dual-component, color coating for unsealed concrete surfaces. Available in 20 colors

Coverage Rate | 200 sq ft per kit @ 2-coats

Packaging | Two-Component (A+B)


Revival by DecoCrete is an opaque, dual-component, color coating for unsealed concrete surfaces. It is the ideal product to cover over discolorations, stains, and blemishes to freshly poured concrete. Revival can be used on interior and exterior concrete. Great for surfaces that have been stamped, broomed, or swirled finish. Available in 20 standard colors.


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Concrete substrate must be a minimum of 30 days old & free of all sealers, membranes, & contaminants. Thoroughly power wash with a minimum of 3500 Psi & allow to dry for 24 hrs.


Empty Part A (32 oz.) into a clean 5 gal. bucket. Fill Part A container with water & shake thoroughly, then dump into mixing pail. Repeat the fill, shake, & dump step two more times for a total of 3 times. Empty Part B (6 oz.) into bucket. Using a paint stick, scrape any remaining contents of Part B container into mixing pail. Fill Part B container with water & shake thoroughly, then dump into mixing pail. Mix with drill mixer on low speed for 1 min. Scrape sides & bottom of mixing pail with paint stick, continue mixing for an additional minute.


Revival is a two-coat system. Concrete substrate needs to be a minimum of 50°F prior to application. Apply using a car wash brush. Dip brush into bucket, agitate mixture, then apply generously to surface in a circular motion. While the first coat is drying, continue to brush with a soft bristle flag tip broom to distribute color evenly. In warmer weather a second person is highly recommended, otherwise utilize saw cuts to work in smaller areas. Continue brushing with a soft bristle flag tip broom until the surface is completely dry. A second coat of Revival will be required. Apply the second coat as soon as first coat is dry & tack-free (must apply second coat within 6 hrs. of first). Remix product using drill mixer prior to second coat to ensure proper pigment dispersion, then apply second coat immediately in same fashion as first. Any leftover product may be used for subsequent coats for approximately 8 hrs. as long as it is kept in a sealed container that’s stored in a cooler place. Dry time may vary depending on weather conditions & porosity of surface. At 70°F the product will dry in about 30 min. On hot days, it is recommended to apply the product in the morning when the weather is cooler & the slab is out of direct sunlight.


If NOT applying Deco-Crete Texture Enhancer, it is not recommended to seal Revival. If applying Revival to stamped concrete the use of Deco-Crete Texture Enhancer is recommended to create an antiquing effect. Deco-Crete Texture Enhancer may be applied as soon as Revival is tack-free in 2-4 hrs. Deco-Crete D-One Sealer is recommended to bring out full color of Deco-Crete Texture Enhancer. Allow Deco-Crete Texture Enhancer to dry for at least 8 hrs. before applying Deco-Crete D-One Sealer which must be applied within 24 hrs. of Revival.


Store in a cool place, out of direct sunlight. Keep away from sources of excessive heat, ignition points, open flames, or any reactive material(s). Keep container(s) closed when in storage.


  • Do NOT apply if rain is forecast within 8 hours after application.
  • It is normal for the product to foam in mixing pail.
  • For maximum bond to concrete substrate, use Deco-Crete Deco-Prep during cleaning process.
  • Agitate material in mixing bucket with every dip of car wash brush during application.



Coverage Rate | 200 sq ft per kit @ 2-coats
Foot Traffic | 3-6 hours
Wheel Traffic | 48 hours
Packaging | Two-Component (A+B)
Shelf Life | 1-Year
Clean Up | Soap & Water

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