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SureCrete’s Eco-Accent is a powdered colorant formulated to mix with water and accent new or faded stamped concrete. Eco Accent is UV-stable, has 0 VOC’s and can be sprayed on or broomed into the surface.

SureCrete’s Eco-Accent is a stamped concrete accent color stain, non-hazardous, zero VOC, UV stable concrete coloring agent that bonds to any textured concrete or cement-based surface including overlays. Mix Eco Accent with water or an appropriate solvent and spray onto the concrete surface.

Eco-Accent is available in 10 colors, and while this product was primarily designed to be used to restore and renew old decorative concrete surfaces and projects, it can certainly be used in conjunction with brand new stamped concrete or texture overlay mixes to bring added depth of color over a large area.

Eco Accent Mixing Instructions

  1. Mix 1/2 to 2 scoops (depending on desired color intensity) dry Eco-Accent powder into 5 gallons of clean water and mix mechanically until powder is completely dispersed.
  2. Eco-Accent can be applied any way the user desires – sprayed brushed, flooding of the surface or even a common garden sprinkler can.
  3. Now you just need to choose an appropriate sealer to ensure your newly accented surface will retain its color for a long time!

Product Data Sheet [English] – Click Here

Product Data Sheet [Spanish] – Click Here

Safety Dat Sheet  –Click Here

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