SureCrete’s SureSpray™ is a thin sprayable concrete overlay mix product that can create many different designs and textures on concrete floors. SureSpray can be sprayed from a hopper gun, or a Graco RTX sprayer. SureSpray can create a wet bubble look or spray over stencils or tape patterns to create a unique tile look or even brick looking concrete on driveways, sidewalks, patios and pool decks resurfacing.

SureCrete’s SureSpray™ is a cement-based sheer sprayable concrete overlay for both interior and exterior concrete surfaces. Perhaps no other bag mix lends itself to such an enormous array of applications, variations, and alternatives: from the simplest of orange-peel to the elegant Euro-texture. Sure Spray was designed to be applied by compressed air spray equipment (commonly a hopper gun), but may also be troweled or squeegeed.

Highly skilled applicators will be able to carry one product in their inventory to perform many different looks and texture designs for their customers. Our Overlay will help your company to stay more “mobile” and be able to get on and off of job sites faster without having to make those pesky runs to the local supply store. As a homeowner, Sure Spray™ can be easily manipulated to create beautiful one-off textured surfaces to suit any interior or exterior arrangement.

Product Data Sheet [English] – Click Here

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