SurePour by SureCrete, is a high quality integral color packaged in a convenient 10-pound, dissolvable bag for ready mix concrete. SurePour maintains the highest tinting qualities with strength and color material consistency from bag to bag.

Light = 1 Bag Color / 2 Yards Concrete
Medium = 1 Bag Color / 1 Yard Concrete
Dark = 2 Bags Color / 1 Yard Concrete


SurePour Integral Color is designed to tint or pigment an entire slab of concrete directly at its source, which is perfect for walkways, driveways, sports courts, and large themed gathering areas. SureCrete's Integral Color contains only finely milled synthetic iron oxides, the strongest and most stable colors available. These colors are lime-proof, sun fast, inert, and meet or exceed the
criteria of ASTM C979.

Our custom formulated colors can cover the entire spectrum upon your request. Each color match is handled on an individual basis. In cases where exact color matching is required,
samples should be created for each project. SurePour Integral Color bags are a dry colorant, not a liquid, and available in specially designed packages for your on-site use. Because of the inherent tinting strength of synthetic iron oxides, standard loadings do not exceed 4%. Levels greater than 5% will not enhance the finished color.

SurePour is available in 6 main colors. Each color has 3 tint variations that are controlled by how many bags of color are used per yard of concrete. See batching instructions below:

Light = 1 Bag Color / 2 Yards Concrete
Medium = 1 Bag Color / 1 Yard Concrete
Dark = 2 Bags Color / 1 Yard Concrete

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