Counterattack (CA) by BallistiX is a reacted siloxane coating. Designed to be used for food-safe, bacterial-inhibiting, high-heat and virtually scratch-proof environments. Available in quart and gallon sizes.

COUNTERATTACK was designed to produce every benefit that all of our sealers combined could offer. This includes the anti-corrosive benefits of KEVLAR, the expansive benefits of RANGER, the superior chemical-resistance of SQUIRE, and the ease in install of our lower-solids NCO. COUNTERATTACK is our most versatile product, used in over nine industries. COUNTERATTACKs primary intended use of offering a food-safe, bacterial-inhibiting, high-heat and virtually scratch-proof environment grew and progressed into a large-scale opportunity that allowed a spray-only application that did not repel or reject on present surfactants much like other highly-sensitive reactive silane's.

Great for use on focal and vertical applications. While this product can be used on vehicles, it is not to be compared with auto-detailing ceramic coatings. This technology has been designed specifically for hard-surface install. Do not let the name sway or limit you. COUNTERATTACK will withstand even the harshest of foot traffic and can be installed with ease.


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Counterattack Product Attributes

Type: Reacted Siloxane
Thickness: 8 microns (dry)
Application Method: Spray, Spray and Microfiber, Dip and Roll, Hand Wipe, Staining Sponge
Solvent: Isopropyl 99%
Cleanup: Isopropyl 99%
POT Life: 7+ Days (to keep in liquid state, store in dark, cool environment)
Shelf Life: 1 Year
Walk Time: 1 - 2 Hours
Drive Time: 12 Hours
Chemical Cure Time: 5 Days
Re-Coat Information: XXXX
Storage/Substrate Temperature: 60°F - 85°F (DO NOT under any circumstance apply over 90°F or under 55°F)
Humidity: < 85%
Substrate Moisture: < 10
PH Range: 6 - 8
Product Yield: Dependent upon porosity (polished 800+ and epoxy 1000 sf per gallon, clean and seal/overlay 550 sf per


BallistiX Counterattack Technical Data

Abrasion - ASTM D3363: 9H
Weathering - ASTM G154: No cracking, oxidation or erosion
Fungal & Microbes - ASTM G21: Zero growth or development
Corrosion - ASTM B117: 20,000+ Hours

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Quart, Gallon


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