XS Color Pack


XS Color Packs are pure, synthetic, premium iron oxide pigments and contain no fillers. Formulated to color XS casting mixes and are conveniently pre-measured to individually tint any single XS bag mix.

SureCrete’s concrete casting color (XS Color Packs), having pre-blended, pre-measured bags of color can help lower labor costs as well as increase product consistency. Use these color packs with white and gray cement XS casting mixes.

Having color already pre-blended will help to lower your labor costs in trying to re-formulate oxide pigments to match previous batches. The XS Color Packs are specifically formulated to saturate the Portland cement in our Xtreme Series bag mixes to achieve extremely rich and vibrant colors not typically seen in cast concrete, even white concrete.

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Birch, Canyon Sunset, Cavern, Eucalyptus, Jet Black, Morning Canopy, Mountain Shadow, River Bed, Twilight, Whitewater


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