RockTred Floor Essence Metallic


RockTred Floor Essence Metallic is a Decorative, Light to Medium Duty Polymer Flooring System Using Metallic Pigments.

The RockTred Floor Essence Metallic system can be made to look like metal, wood or stone. Different metallic pigments and finishing techniques can be combined to create endless design possibilities. The variables that contribute to the “feel” of the floor are endless. Each floor is a unique, one-of-a-kind creation.

The FLOOR-ESSENCE Metallic System is specified for use as a high performance, decorative flooring system in areas that are subjected to foot or wheeled traffic. It is intended as a high wear system for use in commercial, institutional or residential spaces where a durable, seamless, low maintenance, decorative floor finish is desired. Typical applications include retail stores, showrooms, offices, schools, residential basements/rec rooms, dining and bar areas of restaurants, etc.


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